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Benefits to you: Founded in 1998 by relationship expert Dr. Neil Clark Warren, this dating site is serious serious and more serious. This is a superb service for you if you are really set on spending hours deciding who and what you want (which is a relatively small amount of time compared to the rest of your life!). Only paying members can contact one another (effectively weeding out the lookie-lous)...and the detailed personality profile lets you really understand potenail matches from the get-go (which is why they claim people fall in love from the "inside out"). If you're a man, one of the benefits of this rigorous analysis is that the resulting pool of members is more populated by women then men (compared to any other dating service online).

Cool qualities: The dating aspects I like the most from eHarmony is the focus on compatibility. Characteristics measured include:

Good Character * Dominance vs. Submissiveness * Curiousity * Intellect * Vitality * Appearance * Sexual Passion * Artistic Passion * Adaptability * Sense of Humor * Energy * Ambition * Conflict Resolution * Emotional Health * Anger Management * Education * Spirtuality * Values

and more! It takes time to fill out...but if you're serious about dating, it's a superb resource.

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